Charming Landscape of Nusa Dua Beach


Bali sounds so familiar to many people. Exotic natural scenery is presented on every coastline that looks perfect wrapped in white sand grains. Tourists are always amazed by Balinese natural paintings which are so charming for domestic and foreign tourists.

Bali draws world attention through its local wisdom and stunning natural beauty. It is estimated that around twenty thousand tourists visit Bali every day. There is no doubt that Bali has become known to tourists since the 1970s until now.

One of the tourist destinations that you should not miss is Nusa Dua Beach. This beach is a beach that has fine white sand grains and is the safest beach for swimming with children. What are the attractions, here's an explanation

Nusa Dua Beach Attraction

The landscape of Nusa Dua Beach is very charming when enjoyed in the early morning. While watching the sunrise, you can witness the activities of local residents who are preparing to fish in the coastal area. Where this destination presents its own charm, including:

Enjoying Sunrise While Jogging
In the morning at Nusa Dua Beach, you can enjoy the waves while jogging. There is a path in the form of paving blocks built on a stretch of sand that is used for running.

Green Peninsula Island
The island that was originally separated from the plains of Bali, now you can enjoy while at Nusa Dua Beach. Peninsula Island is united by a stretch of sand that stretches for an area of 7.4 hectares in a terracing-like shape. On the island there are many beautiful green trees.

Enjoy the Light Festival
An interesting event held on Peninsula Island is a light festival designed with various colorful decorative lamp ornaments. This festival is held at night with tickets that can be obtained online or offline.

Adventure with Speed Boat
Nusa Dua Beach with a long coastline is very beautiful and does not have many rocks. This beach also has an interesting gradation of water with a mixture of light blue units on the beach and getting darker towards the middle of the ocean. You can rent speed boats and boats for adventure.

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