Peek into the Natural Charm of Bali Tourism in Badung Regency


When discussing the most exotic tourist areas on the island of Bali, Badung Regency is the answer. This place holds a lot of stunning natural charm of Bali tourism.

The most famous attraction is the stretch of beach along the city. The panorama is not inferior to other beaches in big cities. Together with Baliventur, you can definitely feel the satisfaction of traveling on the Island of the Gods.

Of the many, there are 3 tourist destinations that you must visit if you are on vacation in Badung Regency. What are they? here’s the answer!
3 Bali Tourism Destinations Badung Regency

  1. Pandawa Beach
    Even though it has just opened, Pandawa Beach in Badung Regency has successfully captured the attention of travelers. Not without reason, this beach has a very exotic panorama.
    The vast sea combined with white sand makes it look like a painting. Uniquely, around the beach there are limestone cliffs that rise as high as 20 meters.
    Turning it into an aesthetic and instagramable photo spot. No wonder Pandawa Beach is always crowded with tourists every day.
  2. Garuda Wisnu Kencana
    A visit to Badung is incomplete if you don’t take a photo at Garuda Wisnu Kencana. This 121-meter-high giant statue is a landmark of the island of the gods.
    Its splendor even beats the statue of liberty belonging to the United States. Not only the statue, the area around GWK is also interesting to explore.
    There are many limestone cliffs and towering rocks. It makes this place feel more exclusive and unique.
  3. Pura Luhur Uluwatu
    In addition to the enchanting natural scenery, Bali is also famous for its rich culture and traditions. What if these two attractions of the island of the gods come together? Not a fantasy, you can witness the blend of Balinese tradition and beach scenery at Pura Luhur Uluwatu Bali.
    The temple is located on a cliff 150 meters above sea level. From the top of the cliff visitors can see the ocean waves that are quite strong. The gentle breeze also adds a sense of serenity to traveling to this exotic place.

Well, that’s a complete review of 3 recommendations for the natural charm of Bali tourism in Badung Regency. The three tourist destinations above are icons or landmarks of the island of the gods. So it can be concluded that Badung Regency is the paradise of Bali’s natural charm.

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