mountaineering: climbing Mount Batur feels like Rinjani!


“cross in which YOU feel most existence” that is a well-known quote that we often hear. Your mount batur sunrise trekking journey will now not be as stunning as you believe if it’s miles executed via pressure/not a will. I continually preserve this quote in myself even as exploring my country.
I seem to be hooked on mountain climbing! this 12 months I spent -+ 4 months mountain climbing extra than eight mountains in my place of origin.
meeting new buddies who have the equal hobbies, new experiences and learning some techniques associated with mountain climbing which I step by step mastered.

This time i’m able to inform you about Mount Batur. This mountain with a top of 1,717 meters above sea stage is one of the must-go to lists if you are on excursion in Bali. you may get the pleasant sunrise landscape at the pinnacle of a mountain in Bali. now not only did I climb Mount Batur 2-3 instances through the Pasar Agung path, but this time i used to be able to experience hiking through Culali with the exact equal terrain and path at the peak of the assault on Rinjani! lol the flavor, though i have by no means been there.

It became best October 2020, whilst the brand new everyday/#Bali became enforced, I planned to climb Mount Batur thru the Culali course or what may be known as the Black Lahar path with other climbers.
round 12.00, we began our journey from Badung to Black Lava, Kintamani. The area of Black Lava is nearly similar to Mount Bromo, huge sea perspectives and some very wide sand dunes! not best that, motocross riders frequently stop by using this place simply to play within the sand.
Our journey began at exactly 03.00 WITA, this time the terrain became quite hard! sand and gravel so one can accompany us in the course of the climb to the pinnacle later. the primary ascent felt like a top attack on Mahameru! I think, suffering to get through this primary slope lol. This time I did the climb with a total of 6 people, but nobody knows the track to attain the top of Batur. happily this time we were not by myself! there are several groups that do tektok thru Culali.

Take a look the rate

for the reason that we did the hike within the morning, there has been no seen hint and this time there has been no plants in any respect. As I said earlier than, this trail is handiest sand and gravel, so if you leave out your footing, that is okay! from time to time I sense like screaming, I simply surrender hahaha. remember, you continue to want to put together yourself bodily lengthy earlier than the climb starts offevolved. in order that not anything happens later The ascent has been done for nearly 2 hours, still pretty a ways from the pinnacle of Mount Batur and at the equal time served with hot air from Mount Batur. Many other hikers deliver raw eggs to attempt to boil them clearly with the aid of setting them in hot sufficient smoky sand to inventory up on later trails. This mountain is still classified as energetic, in which the closing eruption befell in 2000.

And true good fortune! This hike is not bloodless and observed via some neighborhood puppies who can be referred to as loose courses! normally those dogs will accompany you upstairs! and in case you are fortunate one among them will accompany you till you reach the foot of the mountain later. ok no longer a canine round mount batur!

the top of mount batur
The solar has began to upward thrust, this time we will assault to the top! the terrain stays the identical, sand and some boulders. the sensation of trying to attain the pinnacle regarded to encourage me from inside, wanting to reach the pinnacle as soon as viable and revel in the herbal beauty of Mount Batur via Culali!
After attaining the pinnacle, I felt something I had by no means felt before. The mind becomes calmer, happier and of course thankful as a way to reach the pinnacle without something taking place. Being capable of step to the top of Mount Batur from terrain that i have by no means experienced earlier than is one of the achievements for me even as hiking mountains in Bali.

The view from the top of Mount Batur in no way makes me regret it! sunrise, panoramic views of Batur Village, Pinggan Village, Terunyan Hill, Abang Mountain, Agung and of route Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island are also clearly visible. No much less, a sea of ​​clouds in an effort to accompany you when you attain the pinnacle. it’s like being in a land above the clouds, hahaha. it’s miles encouraged for novices if you want to climb Mount Batur via Culali, it might be quality to ask friends who’re skilled or can stop tenting overnight. for while night time fell, there was not a single avenue in sight.