Utah Circle Of Relatives Describes Catastrophic Yellowstone Flooding — And How They Escaped


UTAH (ABC4) – One Utah circle of relatives is again home after narrowly escaping the floods in Yellowstone and Red Lodge, Montana after fleeing a holiday that quickly grew to become south.  

It took quick questioning and assist from a stranger to get out of Red Lodge right earlier than being stranded. And for the Woodbury own family, being caught with out proper medical gadget might have positioned them in a dire state of affairs.  

In want of a getaway, Ann and Kent Woodbury and their two sons Michael and Chad determined to live in quiet Red Lodge, before placing their attractions on Yellowstone 

But after a couple of days matters quick changed.  

“As we drove thru Red Lodge to exit, we could see most of these police cars and barricades and we tried to try and exit one way and couldn’t go out that way, Ann stated.  

Red Lodge started flooding and speedy. 

“We saw homes out within the middle of the river coming down the canyon that were absolutely remoted from the shore by using the water,” Kent said. 

They say bridges to Yellowstone flooded and pressured them to show returned. They stopped at a rest forestall, wherein a kind stranger named Gary presented essential advice. 

“The bridge you just exceeded over there’s the simplest go out from Red Lodge all of the bridges had been washed out,’” Ann stated. 

He said they didn’t have much time. 

“You probably have two hours before this bridge washes out,” Ann stated. 

But for the Woodbury’s, being stranded changed into no longer an choice. 

“Our family all has a rare disorder called moronic muscular dystrophy,” Ann said. 

The disease impacts muscle tissue throughout your body and your brain, which requires quite a few scientific system and medicine. 

“We would’ve been stranded with out remedy that treats some of the signs of their sickness,” Ann stated. 

The Woodbury’s raced returned to their inn, packed up their necessities, and checked into the handiest resort they may discover of city. 

The family feels lucky to be home secure, getting lower back just final night, after escaping a situation that might were tragic. 

“It changed into simply best understanding we all made it and that we have been all collectively in our car heading home,” Ann said.