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Gamer Geek Girl Goodness

Okay, so this whole post isn’t goodness. It will also contain a bit of sad, but I wanted to start by noting that the new Dishonored DLC: The Knife of Dunwall certainly does not disappoint. After months of waiting for … Continue reading

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Beta-Testing Singups for Elder Scrolls Online

Hey guys, just wanted to take a minute to write a quick note and let you know that sign-ups for beta testing Elder Scrolls Online are going on now. Bethesda released an official announcement on the Bethblog this morning, along … Continue reading

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Still No Word On Dragonborn for PC & PS3

I am not really big on forums, but for the last two weeks I’ve been silently lurking on the Bethesda forums reading through the dozens upon dozens of threads that get started there every day in regards to the lack … Continue reading

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim–Dragonborn DLC

I sat by watching (with envy, mind you,) as Mr. North played the Dragonborn DLC yesterday afternoon and I have to say it looks impressive. There were a few minor glitches we noticed, but Morrowind looks amazing and there is … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Skyrim!

One year ago today, I walked into Best Buy with Mr. North and drooled all over the Playstation aisle. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim stared back at me from the shelf, whispering wickedly about all the time we were going to … Continue reading

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Bethesda Announces Next DLC: Dragonborn

All weekend I’ve been waiting for this morning to come so I could finally slobber and drool all over the next DLC, and after watching the video Bethesda posted to the Beth Blog this morning, I have to say walking … Continue reading

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A Kiss, Sweet Mother: Chapter Seventeen

Onóra began to stir from the darkness, every joint and muscle in her body aching as she lifted her head from the cold stone floor to look around the dark interior of the shack. There was movement somewhere in the … Continue reading

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