White As Snow

The night she watched her stepmother, Yrsa, murder her father, fourteen-year-old Jóra’s whole world shattered. Everything she ever knew and loved, taken away in the single twist of a dagger in the dark, but horrors far worse than death awaited her. Beaten, raped and left for dead, she should have died that day, would have gladly surrendered to Death’s cold, reaching hand, but the gods had other plans for her.

Dáinn. He was everything. The sun, the moon, the stars, the snow, the wind, the sea, the mountain. Her world. Dáinn took her in and made her whole again, gave her warmth and strength and simple purpose. She would give him everything; all he has to do is ask, but the Dvergr are proud men, strong men, the last of their kind and they ask for nothing.

Dáinn only wants what’s best for Jóra, for her to live the life she deserves, and that life does not include him, cannot include him, no matter how badly she wants it. He loves her, more fiercely than he’s ever loved anything in his life, but their love can never be. It was forbidden by the Gods.

When the darkness of her past returns, not even Dáinn and his brothers are strong enough to protect Jóra from her wicked stepmother’s wrath, for there is more to Yrsa than meets the eye. She is an ancient and forgotten evil, rising from the ashes of destruction to lay waste to their world and the only one who can stop her is  the stepdaughter she tried to murder seven years ago.

Introduction: Pulled to be rewritten for NaNoWriMo 2013

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