Veloë Vort (Quickly Away)

This story has been removed in order to strip away fanfiction elements for placement in an original world. For more information about my original fiction, visit

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  1. Laura Rade says:

    Hello there! I love reading your fanfiction and I am terribly sad that this story has been removed. Is there still a version of it available…somewhere? I’d be so damn glad if there was a way still to get my hands on it! Thanks sooo much in advance for a reply.

    • erica says:

      Hi Laura. Thank you. I’m so pleased to hear that you’ve been enjoying my fanfiction, and I’m sorry you missed this story before I stripped the fanfiction elements and reworked it in its own world. This story became the first novella in an original series I am working on call The Hands of War. It is titled Heart of the Sun and you can find out more about it here if you’re interested in seeing what it’s become:

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