The Nature of Inspiration

Nyannah Vel Andolay is only days away from obtaining her degree in trouvership and poetry from Oxenfurt Academy, an honor and position in the world she’s not quite she deserves. To become a bard, one must inspire the world, but Nyannah hasn’t felt inspired since shortly after she came to Oxenfurt.

With finals just around the corner, the finishing touches on her thesis paper on the nature of inspiration to be made and a four-day guest lecture on that very subject she’d rather not attend because it’s being taught by a self-righteous, world-famous celebrity whose coming has the entire campus in an uproar, she knows she will have no trouble faking it in order to finish. But what about when she’s thrust into the world? How will she ever pull it off when she has so little experience with life: the very thing that sparks the light of inspiration in the souls of all who live?

Only a sliver of time has passed since the world-famous poet, Dandelion, lost one of the truest friends he ever knew to a senseless act of violence. Headed down a self-destructive path that’s likely to land him drunk in a gutter and inches from his own demise, he steers off-course when he agrees to teach a guest lecture on the nature of inspiration at his old alma mater: Oxenfurt Academy.

As the worldly troubadour and the inexperienced bard come together, their ideals and their philosophies collide and it becomes more than just apparent they might need each other far more than they’ve ever needed anyone before.

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Part Eight

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