Sometimes We Must

Injured by a cockatrice just miles from Vergen on the way back from Loc Muinne, Geralt finds himself in Helti’s care. Weary from travel and a fight he wasn’t prepared for, it never occurred to Geralt he should have left Triss, who Helti feels is directly responsible for the death of her husband, outside.

The uncomfortable silence and his conversation with Helti about Cedric gives him time with his thoughts, where he reflects on the upcoming journey, the return of his lost memories and Yennefer.

The inevitability of a choice he doesn’t want to make–even though destiny has already chosen for him–lies before him. He cannot turn his back on Yen, and Triss will follow him all the way to the end, because even though she knows she’ll lose him, she must.

Sometimes We Must

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