Luned aep Me (Daughter of Mine)

In the weeks leading up to the Battle for Vergen, Iorveth struggled with his awareness of a daughter he never knew he had with the dh’oine who once saved his life. Helti consented with reluctance, allowed him to spend time with the child, who has no idea he is her father, but only under the strictest supervision–as if he might corrupt his own offspring.

Before departing for Loc Muinne to save Saskia from the sorceresses who plot to control her, the Witcher convinces Iorveth to say goodbye to the child, pointing out that anything could happen, and he might never see her again.

Invearnewedd already lost one father, who didn’t have the chance to say goodbye. Losing a second, even one she’s not aware of, could very well damage the child beyond repair.

He soon discovers in their final conversation she is not so unaware as her mother believes, and he must tread carefully through a quagmire of questions he’s not sure he has the right to answer.


*Directly follows Invaernewedd

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    i really really love it hope you write more of these

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