Elaine Cáerme (Beautiful Destiny)

Events in Loc Muinne prompt Iorveth to take control of the very thing that haunts his nightly dreams: Destiny.

War drew them together, the strangest of bonds born between them when she brought him back from the brink of death. Once more, war threatens to shatter the future, not just for the Aen Seidhe, but for all who wish to be free.

He allowed uncertainty to cloud his judgment once before, losing seven years of his daughter’s life and an opportunity to love a woman who could have changed him and given him the one thing he’s longed for: peace.

His path and his purpose have never been clearer in his life. Now he must convince the woman who shares his fate they were meant for one another; they need look no further than their own child to see it.

Elaine Cáerme (Beautiful Destiny)

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