The Witcher

The stories in this tab take place in The Witcher universe and feature characters, lands and occasional back stories created by Andrzej Sapkowski and/or CD Projekt Red, who created the game series inspired by the books.

All stories gathered here, unless otherwise noted, are somehow connected to each other and set within the same span of events.

Geralt Central Fics

Stories listed here revolve around Geralt of Rivia, taking place both within the literary and gaming universe created by Sapkowski and CD Projekt Red.


Invaernewedd (Winter’s Child)

Sometimes We Must

Nonfiction Essay

Imaginary Heroes: Geralt of Rivia

Dandelion Central Fics

These Dandelion-central stories take place after The Rivian Pogrom, in which Geralt of Rivia died trying to protect his non-human friends. In theory, they would take place after the events in the books and before events in the games, but they go on (for the moment) as if there were no games. *NOTE: They are NOT related to any of the other stories written, save for Dandelion mentioning to Geralt at one point that he has a dream sometimes about a life in which Geralt never returned.

The Nature of Inspiration

Fifty Shades of Saovine

Aen Seidhe/Scoia’tael Central Fics

Unless otherwise noted, stories under this category revolve in some way around Iorveth and/or Cedric. They are listed in the order they take place.

Veloë Vort (Quickly Away)

Esseath Evellienn (You Are All)

Invaernewedd (Winter’s Child)

Luned aep Me (Daughter of Mine)

Sometimes We Must

Elaine Cáerme (Beautiful Destiny)

En’ca Cáelm (A Little Peace)

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