When Worlds Collide

In Sovngarde, Akkatosh granted the Dragonborn Hero Luthien the gift of Borrowed Time to heal the wounds of her heart and offer her the opportunity to make choices anew.

This gift allowed her to go back to Helgen and start over, to connect with her true soul mate  and live the life she was meant to have from the start. In return for this choice, Ulfric Stormcloak and Vilkas of Jorrvaskr would also be given a second chance at life and none of them would ever remember the lives they shared with Luthien.

In accepting this gift, Luthien gave up Hundr, her son with Ulfric, but not even a God can fully predict the repercussions of altering time and circumstance. A God cannot unmake a hero whose very destiny is far greater than either of his parents could have ever imagined.

Guarded by Paarthurnax for centuries, the Time Wound at the Throat of the World is an unpredictable weakness in the very fabric of time itself. The perfect place for a God to send a child meant to be undone to protect and prepare him for the heroic future that awaits him.

Spared from his own mother’s undoing, only one Graybeard remembers where the child came from, but even the mere whisper of Master Borri’s voice is too powerful to utter the secrets of the past. Not knowing what else to do with the boy, the Graybeards recognize his significance and send him to be raised by the Archmage at the College of Winterhold and her husband. Elspeth and Onmund have no idea how important their charge is to the future of Tamriel, only that they must guard and protect him with their very lives.

As Elspeth begins to piece together the strange circumstances of her adopted son’s existence, discovering his mysterious parentage, she realizes Hundr’s place in the world is more significant than anyone could have ever realized. For he is more than just Dragonborn, he is the only hope against a darkness designed to devour all of Nirn.

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  1. Pyrelle says:

    ZOMG the best of both worlds! Or would that be the worst of both worlds? Rise of Hundr!

  2. Axarexes Early-Beard says:

    When are you going to start posting this?!?!? I’ve read all your other books and good job:))

    • erica says:

      Hi Axarexes Early-Beard. It’s nice to hear from you, and I’m happy you enjoyed all the other books i wrote. Thank you for that.

      To answer your question, if you hover over the link for When Worlds Collide, you can see there are two stories already posted there, and more to come as we have time.

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