Missing in Action

Still struggling with the beastblood, work is the only way Luthien can think to distract herself from the curse she accepted all too readily. She’s exhausted the Companions’ work supply, and is set to turn to Jarl Balgruuf when the plea of a desperate mother in the marketplace catches her ear.

Everyone in Whiterun knows about the epic feud between the oldest families in town. Once as close as kin, a rift erupted between the Battle-Borns and Gray-Manes the day Ulfric Stormcloak turned his back on the Empire and the families each took a side.

Fralia Gray-Mane knows in her heart that her son Thorald isn’t dead, that the Battle-Borns know more than they’re saying about her son’s disappearance, but the Imperial sympathizers refuse to help.

Farkas and his brother grew up with the Battle-Born and Gray-Mane children, but getting involved in Ulfric Stormcloak’s war goes against everything the Companions stand for. When Luthien agrees to help Fralia and Avulstein find Thorald without talking it over with Farkas first, it tests their new relationship in ways she never imagined possible.

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3 Responses to Missing in Action

  1. Elspeth says:

    Also, I want to know how you got this to make it appear as if Farkas is looking at me.

    He’s looking at me!

    • erica says:

      He IS looking at you. During our photoshoot, I told him to make sure he was looking right at the camera for that affect. He looked at me like I was on SKooma. Camera? What’s a Camera? To which I laughed and said, “Say Cheese!”

  2. Ginelli says:

    Oh god… that look reminds me of that time…

    The feels I get whenever I enter the house of my hubby Farkas. I woke up once and thank you glitch… he was butt ass naked. As in no loincloth. I swear, that’s how mornings should be in Skyrim.

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