The Dragonborn Chronicles

When Imperial soldiers infiltrated her village in search of kingslayer, Ulfric Stormcloak, Luthien watched in dread and horror as they murdered her father, but could not stand idly by when they went after her mother. Captured and taken to the chopping block in Helgen, a legend straight out of time descended to save her.

After escaping Helgen with a kind Stormcloak soldier, her hatred for the Empire should have sent her straight to Windhelm to join forces with the true High King of Skyrim, but to repay the kindness Ralof showed her she promised to make a detour in Whiterun on her way to inform the Jarl of the return of the dragons.

Whiterun brought her to Jorrvaskr and the Companions, a legendary faction of fighters who welcomed Luthien into their folds, gave her a home and a family again and taught her to be strong both as a woman and a warrior so she could embrace her destiny as the Dragonborn.

Nothing in the world could have prepared her for the legendary love that manifested itself in Whiterun and swore to follow her into the very depths of Oblivion if necessary. But love is never certain and life in Skyrim less than kind. The death of her husband, Vilkas, at Imperial hands reignited her hatred for the Empire and drove her at long last to Windhelm beside her best friend–her dead husband’s grieving twin.

Windhelm brought only more death and pain, but an unexpected union awaited with the vain and selfish warlord who would be king, and he would stop at nothing to possess her. His strategic alliance with the Dragonborn would only strengthen his grip over the Kingdom of Skyrim, and when she presented him with an heir to his throne, Ulfric Stormcloak knew for the first time what it meant to love.

Jealous and possessive, Ulfric drove away the only true friend Luthien had ever known: her shield-brother and closest confidante, Farkas swore from the moment he first laid eyes on her, he loved her.

But the only way she can bring an end to the horror plaguing their world is if she finds a way to bring the men who love her together, so the three of them can face the darkness and put and end to the World Eater once and for all.

Luthien’s tale begins:

Taming the Wolf

Riding the Storm

The Dragon Queen

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  2. TJ says:

    I’ve gone through and read the whole series (and yes the Lost Years ones too) and have to complement your writing.
    Exceptional and vastly entertaining. Highly enjoyable.
    I especially like how you fleshed out characters with breath and heart. Even Ulfric, who you gave depth and character, while still being true to his selfish and dickish nature. :)
    Very well done. I’m going to track down your books. You have a new fan.
    Thanks for the entertaining reads. Love your work!

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