To Catch a Thief

Maturity Rating: Ages 17+. This fictional novelization contains occasional adult language, violence and sexuality that may not be considered appropriate for readers under the age of 17.

Her father was a drunken sailor and her mother was a whore, which didn’t exactly offer Ginna much in the way of a glamorous future. She’d have to forge her own riches and she learned when she was just a little girl that the only way to get the things she wanted was to take them.

And she’s good at taking what she wants. In fact, she’s one of the best.

On a mission from Cyrodiil to the Thalmor Embassy in Skyrim to steal an artifact of great value for one of her guild’s richest clients, she crosses paths with a thief whose skill and fire match her own.

In a shadowed dance of etiquette and grace, they compete to reach their target, but Ginna’s jealous Guildmaster never intended for her to return from Skyrim.

The sting of betrayal is almost more than she can bear. Her guild was her family; her life, and now she has nothing. Imprisoned in Solitude, her rival from the Embassy heist springs her from jail, but now she owes Brynjolf and the only way to pay off that debt is to put her skills to the test, helping him rebuild his failing guild in Riften.

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16 Responses to To Catch a Thief

  1. Elspeth says:

    I can’t wait!!!

    • erica says:

      I couldn’t stop myself. I had to marry Brynjolf. I went through the whole Thieves Guild/Nightingale questline in a matter of eight hours just to get to the point where my “Friendly Brynjolf” mod finally made him eligible for marriage. I was about ready to kill Vorstag for asking me about my amulet of Mara every time I needed to trade something with him, but in the end, it all paid off. :D I’m such a nerd! I love it. Mallus Macchius wanted to marry me too, which was weird because he’s not supposed to be a marriage option. I’m wondering if the coding for the Bryn mod made him an option. I’ll have to look.

  2. Dovahkiir says:

    askjfhakljs I was hoping you would write something about Brynjolf/The Thieves Guild. <3

    • erica says:

      I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now, and as I draw closer to the end of The Dragon Queen (well… as close as 30,000 unwritten words away can be…) I decided I wanted to write something with Bryn and the Guild to take a break from Luthien for awhile before diving into War of the Winds.

  3. Shanna says:

    Okay Erica, I just have to say this:

    Disheartened by Brynjolf’s cold dismissal after everything we had been through at the end of the Thieves’ Guild questline, not only did I hunt down a mod to amend that faster than you can say “Ragged Flagon” — I sought out any and all fan material to sate my Bryn appetite XD This journey in To Catch a Thief has been *lovely*!! I’ve been following you since chapter 10, and even though the road ahead is still pretty long, this chapter made so many things hit home, my ovaries exploded with happiness~ ^^

    I can’t wait to see how things turn out — I’m hoping that Brutus’ ending will be just as gripping and satisfactory as I know Mercer’s will be. Stunning pieces, girl. Good luck concocting the next chapter, and for the love of all things bright and beautiful, don’t ever stop writing.

    • erica says:

      Hi Shanna. Thanks so much for that lovely comment. I married Marcurio in my original game because the stupid Playstation wouldn’t let me marry Brynjolf. There were tears. Many, many tears. When I got the game for my computer, I was scared of mods for a long time, so I married Vilkas and then Farkas before finally downloading the friendly Brynjolf mod, starting a new game and whizzing through the Thieves Guild questline so Bryn and Ginna could get married.

      Just a note, Ginna’s issues with Brutus will probably not be resolved in To Catch a Thief, but I am planning to write a separate story that takes care of that nasty backstabbing problem.

      Thanks again!

  4. Sara Mackken says:

    Great story! I have to ask though, was I the only one who, after the main questline was over, ran through the sanctuary and had to do a double take because the shrine to Nocturnal looked like batman? Just wondering(:

  5. Allison says:

    I know how nice it is to get comments on your writing, just knowing that someone out there really appreciates the hard work and the time it takes. I really wanted to leave a comment for each chapter, but I just couldn’t do it. It was too good, like a book I couldn’t put down. So I’m leaving a message here.

    Every word was truly great. I enjoyed your style of writing immensely. The way you took your time with the emotions and events. Too often fanfictions are rushed and out of character. But I think you managed to keep Brynjolf in character. More in character than I’ve ever seen him in a fanfiction.

    Other than a few grammatical errors, your writing was really topnotch. I’ll enjoy checking out the sequel to this, and even the other ones you’ve written. I like how you merged your stories into the same “universe”.

    I’ve written little things for the Skyrim character I enjoyed playing the most, but nothing I would put out there. But I just might. Mostly I wrote these things because, as a console player, I can’t mod the game to allow me to be with Brynjolf. From the first moment he called me lass, there was no one else for me. Though, to get the “Married” achievement I’ll have to marry Marcurio. It’ll be a delightful love triangle in my head. Ha!

    Anyways, I’m rambling. Enjoyed this so much. Keep writing! If you turned your attention to original works (don’t know if you have), I bet you could be published.

    • erica says:

      Hi Allison. Thanks for taking time to comment and let me know you enjoyed the story overall. It’s nice to hear from you. Brynjolf and Ginna are my favorite characters to write. There’s just something about their relationship that makes me feel warm.

      One of the reasons I merged the stories together is because even though we are given the option in Skyrim to become all things to all people, my Dragonborn character Luthien would never steal from or murder anyone. It’s just not her way. In-game, Ginna could care less about helping or saving most people. She just likes to steal things. So I play through with each of them catering to their unique set of skills and very rarely going beyond those skills unless there’s an end goal that meets with their overall personality. It’s kind of fun that way, and it makes the characters I play with feel more like well-rounded individuals. I think I’ve put far more thought than necessary into playing Skyrim. :)

      Funny you should mention the grammar. Elspeth and I were just talking about this last night. All these chapters are rough first draft. I comb through for little things because I tend to write very quickly, and all too often my thoughts get ahead of me and I make mistakes. I am definitely hiring an editor to work with me when I’m ready to start publishing my non-fanfiction. The number of times I replace simple words like need with night scares the bejeezus out of me.

      I hope you will share your stories at some point. It’s definitely a great outlet to share with others who hold the interest and passion for this beautiful world. I’ve met so many wonderful people through fanfiction.

      Thanks again for the wonderful comment. :) I hope you enjoy the other stories.

  6. hope torley says:

    Have added a video made with the re-worked geometry of Brynjolf. He’s indeed the sexy lover and fantasy guy of my dreams.

    • Isabell says:

      Ugh! I wish I had a PC to take him as my husband. Instead I have to deal with always busy and annoyed with my presence xbox Brynjolf. D:

      • erica says:

        The ability to marry Brynjolf with a mod was one of the major factors that prompted me to switch from PS3 to PC.

      • Jen says:

        I feel your pain I could go switch to PC and may at some point, but yes for now I live vicariously through this story

        • erica says:

          Aw, the switch to PC was easier than I thought, but then I have a gaming laptop. I know my daughter is always disappointed she can’t play stuff on her laptop. it just can’t handle it.

  7. Lildawg says:

    I know the struggles. I play on ps3 and I was just like *one man tear x1000* when I found out tht I couldn’t marry Brynjolf. I was practically heartbroken. Probably the main reason most girls switch from ps3 or Xbox to PC is so its possiblw 2 marry Brynjolf. But Erica I absolutely loved all 43 chapters of your story and it was defiantly a great way to pass time. I got so enwrapped in it tht I think I forgot to even blink! My eyes were sore when I remembered to actually blink. I’d love to see what happens after killing Mercer Frey if you plan on writing more to this :)

    • erica says:

      There is another completed story in this series called The Pilgrim’s Path. You can find it in the tab under Skyrim–Overheard in the Ragged Flagon. Thank you for reading!

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