Tokens of Affection

When Wynne calls Illuviel’s emotional attachment to Zevran into question, it brings everything to the surface. All the feelings she’s tried to deny, and what any of it might actually mean in the grand scheme of things.

Is she really in love with the assassin who once tried to kill her, and if so, what does that even mean? Surely, they have no future together. After all, she’s probably going to die, but isn’t it worth it to really live before she sacrifices herself for the good of all those she holds dear?

If so, loving Zevran is the one thing she wants more than any other, to know he feels the same, that he’s willing to go with her all the way to the end.

The problem is, men like Zevran weren’t made for love. As an assassin, he was hardened against the very idea of emotional attachment, taught that giving too much of oneself was a weakness that could get him killed.

Maybe it’s better to end it. Maybe Wynne is right, and her love is a dangerous and selfish thing that might very well put them all in danger, but she can’t just let go. Not if there’s a chance he might feel the same.










*Post Fort Drakon, prior to visiting the Alienage.

Zevran Arainai/Female City Elf Warden Romance.

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