Through the Heart

When the Howe family comes to Castle Cousland for a visit, Bryce and Eleanor remind both their children to play nicely. Only the Howe family is so very different than their own, it’s difficult to imagine how they’re supposed to behave. The Howe’s are strange, rigid and hard in all the ways the Couslands are soft and yielding.

Sent to search for their brothers, twelve-year-old Lady Arabelle Cousland and Delilah Howe discover them in the training yard, where Nathaniel Howe has sworn to his ability to cut an apple perched atop his little brother’s head with little more than a single arrow launched from an unbelievable distance.

Belle has never seen anything more incredible in her life, the astonishing feat sparking an interest in archery that will follow her long after the Howe’s depart from Castle Cousland.

Through the Heart

Lady Arabelle Cousland/Nathaniel Howe

*(Implied eventual romance in Awakenings several years after this story takes place.)

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