Cat’s in the Cradle

Upon returning to the Circle of Magi to recruit mages for King Cailan’s army at Ostagar, Duncan discovers something most unexpected…

More than twenty years earlier, he visited the Tower of Magi on Lake Calenhad with King Maric and a band of Grey Wardens intent on stopping the Blight long before it started. At least that was the premise of their mission when they started out, even if it didn’t quite turn out the way they planned.

Young, impetuous and not exactly thrilled with his lot as a newly-Joined Grey Warden, Duncan found himself slipping into old, familiar habits. While scoping out the tower for valuables to pocket, he encountered a beautiful young apprentice just outside the First Enchanter’s quarters. She batted her eyelashes, giggled when he paid attention to her and then invited him into her bed. The experience was memorable, if only for the embarrassment it caused, and he spent the next twenty years blocking that moment out of his mind.

Now he stands face to face with Solona Amell, a formidable young mage who’s only just completed her Harrowing. She’s polite, clever and inquisitive, even if she does look a bit like a flower in desperate need of sun in order to fully blossom. And according to First Enchanter Irving, she’s his daughter.

Solona’s had an easier time than most in the Tower of Magi. A quick-study and a bookworm, she managed to complete her Harrowing with zero complications in record time. But she’s not perfect and she knows it. She has longings, often finds herself wrapped up in daydreams of a life beyond the tower, a life in which she would not only be free, but would have opportunity to pursue the one thing she wants more than any other: a chance to actually explore her feelings for the young Templar she sometimes plays chess with.

When unexpected circumstances push them together, Duncan finds himself leading his own flesh and blood away from the tower that has been her prison almost as long as she can remember and down a path he himself was reluctantly forced upon not but twenty years earlier…

He’s taking his own daughter to Ostagar to undergo her Joining.

 Chapter One

Chapter Two

*Inspired by events in Dragon Age: The Calling and Dragon Age: Origins

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