Always on the Run

9:39–Two years after the Kirkwall Rebellion, Varric receives a missive inviting him into the mountains to visit with two old friends. Much has changed in the last two years. Circles rebelling from the Chantry, an inquisition on the rise. He hasn’t seen Hawke and Anders since they fled The City of Chains together, two apostates branded as dangerous maleficarum with no hope of a normal life or future.

But running has been second nature for them both nearly all their lives, Hawke under her apostate father’s wing, Anders fleeing the Circle and the Templars every chance he got.

He doesn’t know why he worries about them, but he does, and when circumstances expand their little party of two, he realizes Hawke is far more like her father than she ever would have dreamed. She was born to run, and she will stop at nothing to protect her family from those who’d dare to chain them down.

Always on the Run

Anders/Fem-Hawke Romance as told from Varric Tethras’s point of view.


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