Dragon Age

Side stories from my imaginary Dragon Age adventures. Herein you may find tales about my female Wardens and their love interests during the Blight, as well as the occasional fem-Hawke excursion.

Dragon Age Origins/Awakening

Tokens of Affection (Female City-Elf Warden (rogue)/Zevran Romance)

Forbidden (Female Elf-Mage Warden/Cullen Romance /Alistair Romance)

Through the Heart (Lady Cousland/Nathaniel Howe implied future Romance)

It All Comes Down to This (Lady Arabelle Cousland/Nathaniel Howe Romance)

Cat’s in the Cradle (Duncan, Solona Amell/Cullen Romance/ Alistair Theirin Romance)


Dragon Age II

Always on the Run (Fem-Hawke (mage)/Anders Romance)

Tempus Libero–Moments of Freedom (Fem-Hawke (rogue)/Fenris Romance)

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