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I get some pretty interesting search queries that show up in my statistics from time to time. Some of them make me laugh, and others make me think. I thought it might be fun to grab prompts from time to time and provide answers to these very pressing questions. Will they be the right answers? Probably not always, but hopefully they’ll make you laugh!

Come to me with questions. I know our history almost as well as Vignar by now… only I can remember it!

If you have a question, feel free to submit it through the query form at the bottom of the page. I’ll try to answer it and get it up on the site within 24 hours of receiving it, and if you want your name attached to it, just mention that in the query. If not, all questions will remain anonymous.

Q: Why is Delphine trying to kill me at Katla’s Farm?

A: There is very little reason or logic to anything Delphine does. She’s a self-righteous, arrogant woman who thinks she has all the answers to every question ever posed. She thinks she’s better than you, the Dragonborn, and that if you talk to anyone at the party they’ll know you’re an idiot thug sent to infiltrate their fortress. Maybe she’s trying to keep you quiet, and a few punches to the face will do the trick?

Then again, is it possible that during the dragon battle that often occurs at Katla’s Farm before heading to the Thalmor Embassy party that you might have accidentally injured Delphine, maybe using destruction magic like Chain Lightning?

Q: Is Ulfric Stormcloak a Thalmor Spy?

A: No, Ulfric Stormcloak is NOT a Thalmor Spy. He’s a smug, arrogant warlord Void-bent on wiping out Imperial influence in Skyrim so he can return the Nords to their noble, barbaric roots.

The Thalmor Dossier on Ulfric notes that they played him during interrogation, making him believe he’d betrayed the Empire upon confessing secrets and caused their downfall, when in truth the Empire had already fallen. They believe because he cracked under pressure, they could use his weakness against him again, but only under the most dire of circumstances. Whether or not Ulfric would actually crack remains to be seen.

Q: Should I marry Farkas or Vilkas?

A: You should marry them both, come on, you know you want to. That’s what I did. And no, I didn’t use some multiple spouse mod, I just created two different saves for the same character, one married Vilkas and the other married Farkas. They lead completely separate and happy lives.

Q: Where do I find quarry stone and clay when playing Hearthfire?

A: When you get to your new property, no matter which one you choose, there will be both a rock quarry and a clay deposit on your property. They can both be infinitely mined to provide you with the building supplies you need, just wander aimlessly around the property and I promise you will find them.

Q: If I don’t build bedrooms in Hearthfire, can I still adopt?

A: No, no you cannot. The homeless children you take in need a place to sleep in whatever home you choose to put them up in. Without a bedroom, you will not have the option to adopt, but will get a phrase option like, “I’m sorry, I don’t have any room for you right now.” That is so mean to say to a little kid you just offered to take in off the streets. Build them a room, please? And give them toys. They like that.

Q: Was Aela born already as a werewolf?

A: That’s a good question, and while there is no definitive answer to it, let’s look at her history. Aela comes from a long line of strong, female Companions. Her mother was a Companion, and she was probably (not definitely, just speculatively,) a member of the Inner-Circle, which would have made her a werewolf as well.

Do werewolves beget werewolves in the Elder Scrolls mythology? Since lycanthropy is a blood-transmitted disease, there is a strong possibly that Aela was born with it, but there is no direct game reference as to whether or not this is true. We can use our imaginations though, and pretend she was born with a wolf spirit, just like you were born with a dragon soul.

Q: Where does Maven Black-Briar go after you kill Ulfric?

A: You killed Ulfric? I know he’s kind of a pompous, arrogant jerk, but… but… You killed Galmar too, didn’t you? Pardon me while I use every tissue in my house! Now, to answer your question, Maven Black-Briar can usually be found at Mistveil Keep because she becomes Jarl of Riften if the Imperials win the Civil War.

Q: When does the Moot meet in Skyrim?

A: In my imagination, the Moot meets shortly after the war ends, but since my imagination is not Elder Scrolls canon, that is not the right answer. At this time there is no designated meeting scheduled for the Moot, but here’s hoping they offer that in a future DLC where the Thalmor descends upon Skyrim in an evil war we get to fight.

Q: Can I trust the dragon to take me to Alduin?

A: Since the moment we arrive in Skyrim, we are taught that all dragons are wicked, nasty, rotten liars who seek to destroy everything. Contrary to popular belief, not all dragons are jerks. There are a couple throughout Skyrim who might want to fight you first, but will yield to your superior voice if you can beat them. Odahviing is one such dragon. He will take you to Skuldafn and drop you off, but he won’t stick around, so make sure you have a ton of potions. Apparently, you can also only fit one person on his big back, so make sure you say farewell to your travel companion if you’ve got one, cos you can’t take ‘em with you.

Q: Why does Farkas/Vilkas attack me on Missing in Action? (Or when I come into town?)

A: Farkas and Vilkas are both classed as guards. If you peek into their inventory, you’ll see they both have keys to Whiterun. This little power trip makes them both think they can bust you for crimes you’ve committed all over Skyrim. If you’ve got a bounty (check your General Stats/Crime to see where you have bounties,) they will try to arrest you. The only way to clear this constant attempt at arrest is to clear your bounty. If the bounty is super high, they may be inspired to attack, just like the guards in a hold will do if your bounty is outrageous.

Q: How to adopt Lucia in Skyrim?

A: Go to Whiterun and wander around until you find the sad little girl who usually hangs around the Merchant Circle and the Wind District. Engage her in conversation and give her 1 gold Septim then ask her why she’s on the streets. She will tell you her sad story about her mother’s death and her cruel uncle kicking her out of the farm and then you will be given the option to adopt her. You must already have a child’s room with a child’s chest in one of your houses in order for the adoption option to be legit, otherwise you will have to tell her, “I’m sorry, I don’t have any room in my house for you right now.” This makes her super sad. Don’t make her sad. That’s just mean and that poor little girl has been through enough already.

Q: How did you make Marcurio a Vampire in your game? Was it a mod?

A: Onora chose to side with Harkon and the vampires in the Dawnguard DLC. With the gift of Harkon’s blood she became a Vampire Lord, and after completing the main Dawnguard questline she kept running little jobs for the vampires of Castle Volkihar. After several quests she was told to go see Vingalmo, who had a special job for her. Vingalmo talked about her spouse and how he might not be so accepting of what she was, one day leaving her or maybe even trying to kill her. One safe way to ensure that never happened was to bring him into the family and make him a vampire. He gladly accepted the gift, but he never vamps out when we’re fighting and he never feeds. It would have been epic if they could have made the other vampire characters in the game use the powers the way Serana does, to see them feed on victims in battle, but alas, Marcurio just has really pretty red eyes now.

Q: Where is Erica North?

A: Riften, where else?

Q: How do you marry Brynjolf?

A: Unfortunately, the dashing rogue of Riften can only be married if you play on PC. XBox and PS3 players are not able to marry him, but there is a fantastic mod for PC players called Friendly Brynjolf. Created by ilhe, the Friendly Brynjolf mod offers the option to marry Bryn after completing the Thieves Guild main quest and disposing of Mercer Frey. ilhe always has mods for marrying Karliah, Ulfric Stormcloak and Ralof, so if you play on PC you should definitely check out her workshop page.

Q: Will Marcurio ever leave the Bee & Barb?

A: The only time Marcurio leaves the Bee & Barb is if you pay him 500 gold Septims to watch your back and roast your enemies. His skill with magic is unmatched. No really, it is. He will destroy anyone who even looks at you weird because he wants to make sure you get your money’s worth. If you slip on an Amulet of Mara after talking to Maramal about love in Skyrim, Marcurio will start hitting on you once you hire him. If you marry him and say you’ll live at his old place you get to live in the Bee & Barb… on his bench. I don’t think the people of Skyrim realize just how powerful he is because if they did he’d have a manor house chock full of chests of gold and no time to sit around eating bread and drinking ale.

Q: Is Dishonored worth it?

A: Yes, yes and omg YES! I played through the game twice the first week I had it, once in stealth mode and once in all-out chaos kill everyone mode and I’m already itching to play it again. It’s a fantastic game that will bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses… Okay, that was very Severus Snape of me, but the truth is, I only resort to quoting Snape when I really, really mean something.

Q: Is Erica North going to write Dishonored Fanfiction?

A: As much as I adore Corvo and think he and Jessamine deserve a happy beginning to their tragic tale, the answer is most likely, no. But I won’t swear anything off completely. I get little bugs in my brain all the time that tell me to do things and sometimes I can’t ignore them.

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  1. Dovahkiir says:

    That first question, oh god.
    I can’t continue the main quest on Fiiran, because at the party at Elenwen’s part she keeps attacking me when I go near her. xD

    That actually caused her to kill Meeko, and me, being a bit too in-character, picked him up and ran away as fast as I could.
    I ended up running to the Thalmor Embassy, where I ran into a few Imperial soldiers who attacked me, so I ran with Meeko back south and swam across the whole river thing with his body.
    It was fun. :<

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