The Dunwall City Trials

Returning to Dishonored for the first time in over a month, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the new DLC pack. I also couldn’t remember for the life of me how to sneak, but that’s another story for another time, I suppose. The Dunwall City Trials wasn’t meant to be a story oriented expansion, so how would it work into a world that was driven almost completely by the story?

Very carefully, that’s how.

Consisting of ten different tasks held in the Outsider’s mystic realm, your assignment could involve anything from stealthy stealing to locating an unknown target through a series of well-placed clues so you can kill them before they are alerted to your presence. The interesting thing is that even if you fail the task the first time, it’s not the same the next time you play through. And because of the way these tasks are set up, you can’t save mid-quest. It’s not allowed. Everyone who’s played Dishonored can tell you without hesitation that the save option is Corvo’s best friend. Not being able to save in this game… well, it kind of sucks.

I played through two of the ten quests. The first one was a seek out the target and kill no one but them quest. It literally took me about fifteen tries before I got it almost right, and another three after that one before I finally completed it, earning the bare minimum in scoring.

The second task was a larceny quest, during which I had to sneak into a house, steal six special target items and whatever other loot I could find. Sounds easy, right? Well, yeah, but no. The catch was you could only be spotted in the house three times before you failed. Points were awarded for not being seen at all, getting through without killing or drugging anyone, and I had to put all the guards to sleep so again, I completed it but only earned the  minimal score.

Despite the lack in story content, The Dunwall City Trials are not to be scoffed at. I only played for an hour and I was frustrated as all get out trying to remember how to be stealthy and clever at the same time.

I didn’t need a reminder as to why I loved Dishonored, but this DLC pack definitely made me long to play through the entire game again. Maybe all the practice I get from doing these trials until I get them perfect will finally help me play through without killing anyone. That would be great because I don’t like being a murderer. Murder makes me have guilt, and besides, what kind of example would I set for Emily if I killed everyone?

If I had to rate the Dunwall City Trials on a scale of one to ten, I’d give it a nine. It comes just as highly recommended as the game itself, so check it out.

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