The Sharkenborn: Three

Art by Dovahkiir, Story Concept by Dovahkiir and Erica

About erica

Erica North is the fanfiction pseudonym for fantasy/romance author Jennifer Melzer.
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9 Responses to The Sharkenborn: Three

  1. Jinx says:

    also i can’t help but read “hullo” aloud with an Austrailian accent.

  2. Fargoth says:

    This made me laugh! I do love a good Skyrim cartoon.

  3. Elspeth says:

    Love Sharkenborn. My wee toddler likes him too. He said “uh oh!” when he saw the Sharkenborn stuck.

  4. Lydi says:

    Oh my god…. LOLOLOLOLOLOL that is so funny

  5. Lola99 says:

    Those little greybeards are killing me. I can’t stop laughing!

  6. Pyreiris says:

    Sea horse Graybeards FTW! Also, adorable how Sharkenborn is trying to squeeze hisself into the vent… *cuddles Sharkenborn*

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