The Lost Years…

In Sovngarde, the gods gave her two gifts for her unfailing heroism in the fight against Alduin. From Shor: a hero of Sovngarde she could call upon in her hour of need. From Akatosh: borrowed time so she could live out the rest of her days in comfort, glory, honor and peace…

But a true hero doesn’t stop being a hero simply because she’s fulfilled her destiny. There are always people in need, and in the days before they had their first child, Luthien and Farkas brought honor to the Companions and themselves.

Herein lie the stories that were lost in the shift of time, the tales of a fierce, yet simple love that almost wasn’t.

I love Luthien and Farkas together. Since I wrote the very first scene with them in Taming the Wolf, the idea of them ending up together at the end of that long journey just felt right. They were truly soulmates in my mind, but in the last week, after finishing The Dragon Queen, I’ve found myself wondering how different things would have been if they’d chosen each other right away.

What if Vilkas’s harsh demeanor pushed Luthien away, instead of drawing her in? How did she and Farkas arrive at the conclusion that they couldn’t live without each other? And what if after claiming one another, Luthien and Farkas put their minds to the task of ridding the world of the dragon menace right away? What then?

Surely there would be other tasks in need of heroes to rise up and claim them.

From time to time, I will revisit Lu and Farkas (because at this point in time I just can’t imagine my own life without the two of them,) with a short story or novelette to capture those lost years.

About erica

Erica North is the fanfiction pseudonym for fantasy/romance author Jennifer Melzer.
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