The Dragon Queen: Epilogue

Luthien was warm and cozy, a subtle heat nestled against her as bare legs bent into hers, broad chest rising and falling against her back. A heavy arm fell over her to draw her in tighter with a soft groan and stretch, but it was the cold, tiny fingers on her shoulder and the sweetest voice she’d ever heard that stirred her from sleep.

“Mama, are you sleeping?” she whispered, shaking her again. “Mama? Da said we could go to High Hrothgar today and climb the strunmah to see Paarthurnax.”

A gruff, tired voice muttered against her ear, body scooting closer, strong arms tightening around her. “I never said any such thing, Freya. Go back to sleep, it’s still dark.”

“I’m not tired, Da. I’m too excited. I have to go to the strunmah and see the dragon.”

“Freya…” Luthien opened her eyes, a pale, beautiful face dotted with a spattering of gentle freckles stared back at her with wide green eyes. “We can’t just go to High Hrothgar in one day, my little love. It is a long journey to Ivarstead and an even longer trek up the seven-thousand steps.”

“Da is big and strong. He will carry me on his back. Won’t you, Da?”

“Master Arngeir only allows students of the Voice to climb to the Throat of the World to study with the great, white dragon,” Luthien explained, stretching the aching muscles in her back.

“I have a voice, Mama,” she said matter-of-factly, crossing her arms and tilting her head as the soft, dark red curls of hair fell into her face. “I’m using it to talk to you right now.”

“You’re using it to wake everyone in Whiterun, little flower.” Farkas laughed and withdrew his arm, rolling onto his back to make space between them for their child. “Climb in and snuggle with your mother and father.”

She kneed up onto the bed, crawling across her mother’s legs to nestle in between her parents, who turned in to face her and each other, arms entwined across her tiny body. “I don’t want to snuggle,” she protested, squirming restlessly as Farkas drew the blankets back up to cover them all. There was a nip in the air, the first frosts had come and it wouldn’t be long before even Whiterun was blanketed in a soft layer of snow. “I want to go to the strunmah. Uncle Vilkas would take me. Uncle Vilkas says he will take me wherever I want to go when I’m…”

“Uncle Vilkas is in Morrowind,” Farkas interrupted her, adding, “probably getting a good night’s sleep.”

“Or hunting Cliff Racers,” her eyes gleamed with adventure. “I want to hunt Cliff Racers with Uncle Vilkas in Morrowind. Can we go to Morrowind, Da? Please?”

Luthien stifled her own laughter, lifting her head to look down at the squirmy little girl taking up more room in the bed than her father, who was ten times her size. “I thought you wanted to climb the strunmah and see the dragon.”

“I want to go everywhere, Mama. Can we go everywhere?”

“Maybe one day, Freya.” She laid her head back down and found her husband’s hand, fingers tangling together beneath the blankets. “When you’re older.”

“I want to go now,” she asserted with stubborn determination.

Farkas leveled his gaze across the bed at her, one eyebrow raised as if to say, she’s your daughter. “Maybe when the sun comes up, we’ll go down and watch the mammoths roam.” He stifled a yawn into his shoulder before resting his head next to Freya’s again.

“Will the giants be there?” She turned into him and curled her body into his as the yawn gripped her like a contagion.


“Can I pick them flowers and leave them by the stone so they know we’re friendlies?”

“We’ll see.” He stretched with a gentle groan. “You know we can’t get too close. They like their space and privacy.”

“Can Lydia come? And Mama too?”

“Of course, little one, but right now Mama is tired. Let her sleep.”

“Da?” she yawned again, lifting her hand to rest against his cheek. Luthien watched her tiny fingers stroke through his beard with such devotion and adoration. “Where do giants come from?”

“You’ll have to ask your uncle when he comes home.”

“Uncle Vilkas knows everything,” she crooned with reverence. “I hope he comes home soon.” She was quiet for a time, no doubt daydreaming about the wonders and presents her uncle would bring back for her from Morrowind when he returned. That silence actually tricked Luthien into believing she’d fallen asleep and then, “Da?”

“Yes, Freya?” He was a good father with a never ending stream of patience, far more patience than Luthien herself had. She had faced the end of the world and come back to tell the tale, and yet there were days she was convinced the spirited little girl she and Farkas had brought into the world together would be her undoing.

“Will you sing me a song?”

“I suppose, but only if you promise to go to sleep,” he sighed, clearing his throat. “The wind was brisk, the night was long and snow covered the ground, but even as she crossed the ice she never made a sound. He never heard her coming ‘til she reached down for his hand and led him to her icy tomb beneath old Irkngthand…” Despite his gruff, throaty tone, he had a smooth singing voice that comforted even Luthien. Little Freya had quieted quickly too, breath drawing into long inhales and slow exhales, and when he slowly lifted his head to look down at her, a gentle grin drew at the corner of his mouth as he met with Luthien’s eyes. “She’s asleep,” he whispered.

“Gods be praised.” She rolled slowly onto her other side and drew his hand across the bed to rest it over her stomach. “This one in my belly is restless though. He’s like a little warrior, kicking and rolling.”

He gently stroked and soothed the fluttering movement that rippled there, helping her relax. “No doubt he will be as headstrong and curious as his sister.”

“No doubt,” she mused. “Though it feels as if he’s training for war in there. All those Stormcloaks in the city must make him restless.”

“Let’s hope Ulfric Stormcloak’s war is over long before our children are old enough to fight in it.”

The soft patter of rain began to drum on the roof, lulling her despite the restless agitation of the life growing inside her. There in the warmth and comfort of her home, of her husband’s arms, she felt safe, and she was happy. It was a simple life, and her husband was a simple man, but he loved her fiercely and she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. It was a life she looked forward to waking up to every day, a life her father would have wanted for her, Gods rest his soul in Sovngarde.

“Lu?” Farkas’s hand caressed along the curve of her belly in gentle strokes. “You asleep?”

“No,” she whispered. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he said softly. “I just love you.”

Smiling to herself, she squeezed his fingers tight and said, “I love you too.”


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Erica North is the fanfiction pseudonym for fantasy/romance author Jennifer Melzer.
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  1. Kainykat says:

    OH ME GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! This is sooooo perfect!!

  2. Elspeth says:


  3. Dovahkiir says:

    And thus ends the amazing story of our beloved Luthien. <3 ;A;

    • erica says:

      I told you I would NEVER kill Farkas. :) I really, really, really just wanted them to get their happily ever after. I don’t normally write such happy endings, but I felt like they deserved it.

      • Dovahkiir says:

        They do. ;u; <33
        Can't wait until you continue Ginna's story :D
        And when you're finished with White as Snow, I might as well read that too. xD

        FOR ONCE I HAVE A FAVORITE AUTHOR! It's a miracle!

        And now, I continue studyi-drawing while rewatching Sherlock and sobbing over it./shot

        • erica says:

          Awe! You are so sweet! *hug!* I’m probably going to post another chapter in Ginna’s story later tonight. I gotta see what’s on the agenda today in the homestead.

          White as Snow will probably be released for Kindle, Nook and iPad, though I don’t know when. As I was reading back over it this morning to dive in again, I found myself so dissatisfied with how it started, so I’m doing a HUGE rewrite of what I’d already written. It could be months before it’s ready, but I hope not. I may do a few teaser excerpts once I’m happier with how it’s going. We’ll see. I think you will like Dainn and Jora.

          • Dovahkiir says:

            Hmmm, my sister has an iPad, so I can read it. :3

            And haha, that’s the feeling I get whenever I try writing or drawing just about anything. xD

            Good luck with everything! c:

          • erica says:

            I was thinking today, talking to my husband, and I might serialize it here on the site just like I did my fanfics. We’ll see. First I have to get it to a place I am happy with.

  4. Mystic says:

    Omg. This story was so perfect, and the ending, I even started crying. ;w;

    I love your interpretation of the characters and the relationships between them, I randomly came upon your story ‘Riding The Storm’ one day and since I started reading it I’ve been so hooked! (I plan to read the others soon. ) You’re a very talented writer and if these stories were ever made into books I’d definetely buy them, out of all the fan-fics and stories I’ve read these have to be some of the best! Thanks for sharing them!

    • erica says:

      Thank you, Mystic, for reading and for chiming in here on the site to let me know you enjoyed the story. I really am so glad I have had such wonderful people to share it with! I wish Bethesda would let me make them into books, I really do. That would be a dream come true.

  5. Jinx says:

    I just wanted to know- Luthien’s story ends here, right? No War of the Winds?

  6. Zoey says:

    This is the best story I’ve ever read. You’ve made me cry, squeals and even growls at some points. So far, you’re my favorite author and I hope for you (if it’s your goal in life) that if you write a novel, you’ll become famous and have a lot of succes because all of those who haven’t read this story really miss something. I will read every stories that you’ll write for sure and by the way, you inspired me to write a fanfiction too. I hope you won’t stop your writting.

    • erica says:

      Thank you so much, Zoey. And that is awesome to hear you are writing your own fanfiction! Much success to you, and thanks again for everything!

  7. Jinx says:

    Sorry, but wait, what happened to Hundr? Did he stay in High Hrothgar or..

    • erica says:

      Because she was given the gift of borrowed time from Akatosh, Hundr technically never existed. Vilkas, Ulfric and Lydia are all still alive in that “borrowed” timeline because she made different choices. Basically, she got a do-over, and she chose Farkas from the start.

  8. Kristen says:

    I just finished reading The Dragonborn Chronicles, I absolutely loved it! I watched my husband play skyrim and couldn’t peel my eyes away. I having a run through now and I have already married Farkas :)
    I started my own skyrim fan fic a few days ago when I found yours. Lets just say I couldn’t put down my phone! Well done :) I’m going to start Tales From Riften now.

  9. Pyrelle says:

    Perfect ending to an amazing tale. I laughed, I chopped onions, I raged against the machine but I couldn’t stop reading. You are simply an amazing author.

  10. Sara Mackken says:

    ERMYYGAWDDDDDDD AHHNNHN. Its over),: i love the ending, but hated the fact the story is over… Bittersweet. Amazing series though!

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  12. Anodyne says:

    Don’t mind me, just goo all over the floor.
    This was amaaaazziiiinnng. My fiancee thinks I’m crazy because I may have cried multiple times and turned on Skyrim just to see Vilkas, Ulfric, and Farkas.
    I can’t wait to read other stories. :3

  13. Lola99 says:

    Oh, so sad it is over but so glad to have read it! Thank you so much for a wonderful story!
    I cannot wait to read the rest of your work!

  14. Ginelli says:

    I read and re-read this chapter and it has such a beautiful ending. This journey was simply amazing and I am so happy that Luthien finally got her happy ending. You got me to nearly ragequit and I even cried, bawled, laughed and sometimes all at the same time. I love that you never hold back on anything and this story is simply amazing.

    I cannot wait to read the rest of your work!

  15. Pyreiris says:

    Ok, I forgive you for killing Vilkas and then letting her stumble into stupid Ulfrics grasping embrace. Brightly woven! Thank you for the tale, the laughter and the tears!

    • erica says:

      I’m sorry I had to kill Vilkas to get them to that point. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story. I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments as you were reading. Thank you for that!

      • Pyreiris says:

        You are most welcome. Now I guess I’ll get back to my own awkward story while I wait for the next part of Ginjolf’s tale. *eyebrow wiggle*

  16. K-la says:

    So I know I’m super late here, but I just had to say something. I was bored late and was browsing FF .net and found this story. Quickly realized it was a sequel and started from the beginning. I devoured them all in 3 days and in that time you made me laugh, cry, facepalm and want to throw the computer out the window. (In a good way!) I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this story. Even though I’ve always been Team Ulfric, I was satisfied with this ending. Thanks for writing this and renewing my fire for my own fics.

    • erica says:

      Thank you, K-la. It was so very nice hearing from you. I’m glad that despite all the twists and turns, you enjoyed this story, but even more than that I’m so happy to hear that reading it inspired you to return to your own writing. :)

  17. Kitty says:

    You’ve got to listen to Sia’s “My Love” with this. I thought that song fit perfectly with an earlier chapter, but I was wrong. It brought sweet tears to my eyes to read this while that song played in my ears. I have read this story for the last several days. ALL of it, from start to finish, all three parts. I loved it. I have no words other than that I simply loved it. Loved it.
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve neglected reality for far too long already. I know you wrote this last year, I’m glad I found it and was able to read it now. Today is my 25th birthday, it’s like I spent the last few days unwrapping a beautiful present. Thank you, for writing such a wonderful and well-written story. Your readers are grateful, truly. ^_^

  18. Mirage159 says:

    So it was all a dream she had? Or was this the other life, the life where she picked Farkas?

  19. I liked she got a happy ending but I wish it was with vilkas. *still sad*

    • erica says:

      On the bright side, at least the alternative aspect of the time shift kept Vilkas alive. That always cheers me up. I have had a bit of fun putting the two of them in really awkward situations together in an alternative timeline.

  20. Isabell says:

    This was a beautiful story! I wish the changing of the timeline was optional in the game as well. I wonder how Vilkas is feeling in Morrowind. My heart goes out to him, but the ending of this story is just so perfect, Farkas and Luthien are just so wonderful for eachother. Thank you so much for having the talent you do!

    *Goes off to cry and then start reading all the other Skyrim fanfictions

    • erica says:

      You can find out how Vilkas was feeling in the Lost Years stories. You get a very deep look at his resentments in those stories, as well as the strength of the bond between Lu and Farkas that was there in the beginning, but got pushed aside after she started to recognize her feelings for Vilkas in the original timeline. Sort of a… what if there was always only Farkas.

  21. DovahKiin says:

    wait woah I’m confused Vilkas died and so did Ulfric so what are they talking about? Im confused. And what about Hundr?

    • Rena says:

      She created other timeline without marrying either one. I feel like it cheaped the story in my opinion. I loved that Ulfric and her marrried wasn’t perfect they had problems and tried to work them out, but instead of following through with it we are left with a boring cliche ending.

      This story had good writing and turned me into loving Ulfric. Has a reader my opinion soured with the death of Ulfric and how quickly the main character forgot about him. It has inspire my own story at least.

  22. Angelic says:

    My mind is blown!!! You have a serious gift

  23. Angelic says:

    Ya you know that empty feeling you get when you finish your favorite T.V series… Like seriously that’s what I am going threw right now like I feel empty this was such a fantastic story.. I. So sad it ended

  24. Chaz Bish says:

    Cant formulate the words right now. Just know that I absolutely loved this story. ❤❤❤

  25. Kay Lowell says:

    I know this is five years later. But… As perfect as you made the heart of my heart, Brynjolf; this is better. This was a beautiful experience. I’m overwhelmed. Thank you.

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