Esseath Evellienn: Three

“How can you be sure she tells the truth?” Seherim lifted a hand to his cheek, scratching the skin just beneath the patch that covered his eye. “Iorveth is not exactly famous for just setting captured dh’oine free. They are at war out there, Cedric. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?”

Taking a long drink from the flask, Cedric lowered it to his hip and lifted the spyglass back to his eye. “She says she saved his life. If what she says is true, and she did indeed keep him alive, perhaps he felt indebted to her. Letting her go would be the honorable thing to do.”

“A dh’oine?” Seherim scoffed. “He wouldn’t lower himself, even if she did save his life. In any case, I still don’t understand why he would send her to you, specifically. It’s not as if the two of you are friends, or even enemies.” Continue reading

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Esseath Evellienn: Two

The remainder of the walk was short, the path unfurling, the stream dwindling into an icy passage as the trees opened into the village on the outskirts of Flotsam. There were men standing on the edges of the frozen water that barely trickled through the thicket beneath the watchtower, mostly human, two elves with bows strapped to their backs. All who regarded them widened their eyes, their mouths hanging agape as the elf emerged from the woods with a strange dh’oine in a tattered, bloodstained nightgown, her hair a mess of tangles and the shoes on her feet too large.

She must have looked a nightmare, but her guide didn’t pay their gaping stares any mind.

Cedric greeted them casually, withdrawing his arm but still resting his hand upon her shoulder as he announced, “The forest is safe today. The nekkers that blocked that stream are dead and you can check your traps and hunt small game without fear of attack.” Continue reading

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Esseath Evellienn: One

This story takes place between Veloë Vort and Invaernewedd, detailing how Cedric and Helti came to be.

Esseath Evellienn: One

It had seemed a straight passage, simple enough from a distance, but confusing once her feet finally began wandering through. Into the thicket and winding trees, along the wall, toward the platform looming over the stream that cut through the woods and rejoined the river on the other side. She could still see the watchtower, but no matter which path she took, they all led her away, back toward the high stone walls around the city. Sloshing through the stream, her worn shoes splashing, cold water seeping through and making her already numb toes feel as if they’d fallen off, she stopped again and stared at the distant platform Iorveth told her to go to when he set her free.

It was too silent in that place. The wind still, the few birds that hadn’t flown south perched quietly in the branches above, watching her meander endlessly through the frozen mud until she found herself right back where she’d started. Their silence felt like mockery, cold black eyes staring at her from above, but she supposed it could be worse. Something she hadn’t counted on had happened: she was alive and free.

All she needed to do was get to the watchtower above Lobinden. She would find safe harbor there. Continue reading

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Invaernewedd: Six

“I’m sorry, Helti. I don’t know anything about plants,” Dandelion apologized, “unless it’s which ones to stay away from in order to avoid a painful and itchy rash. If you send me out there, I’m liable to poison her far worse than she already has been.”

“What do you need?” Geralt approached from behind,.

“Madder root,” she said, not even taking her eyes from the child in front of her. “Gooseberry, beleric. Neem if you can find it.”

The witcher nodded. “I’ll see what I can find.” Continue reading

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Invaernewedd: Five

The waterfront was quiet by the time he finished his short meditation, undisturbed save for the rippling current and rushing waterfall spilling into the river. No drowners rose from the depths to pursue them as the four endeavored deeper into the night, Iorveth in the lead, pointing out the direction he and his hanse had taken when they left the city.

Geralt walked cautiously beside him, scanning the shadowed trees they approached for signs of danger, listening to the night, the wind in the trees, toads chirruping, the waterfall rushing at their backs growing further and quieter with every step.

For once in his life, Dandelion was actually quiet. Geralt wondered if he was scared. Continue reading

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Invaernewedd: Four

After Geralt met with Iorveth he returned to tell Helti everything he’d learned, which in fact, was absolutely nothing.

It bothered her to hear he’d come close to telling the Scoia’tael commander the truth, blatantly confessing the child hadn’t actually been Cedric’s, but then she’d said it was common knowledge among the people in their village, something not-so-secret no one ever talked about. It was only a matter of time, now that the child was missing, that people began to talk about it.

When Geralt reminded her of this, she only shrugged and shook her head, confessing she wasn’t sure how long she could actually keep the truth from him now that life had planted them in such strategically close quarters. Continue reading

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On Updates

Hi friends and readers. I just wanted to drop a quick note to everyone who’s been reading lately to let you know that after Invaernewedd wraps up this weekend, there probably won’t be any fanfiction updates for a while.

I started edits on Sorrow’s Peak this morning, and between that and day job editing for clients, I am going to be completely swamped.

I know it kind of sucks for those waiting for another Daughter of Twilight update, but I did manage to wrap up Ill Met By Moonlight (finally!) and all of the Witcher fics I wrote and shared over the last few weeks are 100% done, so nothing will be left in the balance.

As always, this doesn’t mean stories will not be updated or finished. It just means I don’t know when those updates will happen, or when I will have time to finish outstanding stories. Just please bear with me, and as always, if you haven’t taken time to check out the authors in my blogroll, now would be an excellent time to do that. Some of their stories are already finished, others still update regularly, so there is always plenty of good reading out there, just waiting to be discovered.

I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who’s read my Witcher fics, especially those of you not familiar with the universe, politics, characters, etc. I’ve been wanting to get a few of those out of my system for a while, and it felt really good. It felt even better having someone to share them with.

Wish me luck on Sorrow’s Peak. Hopefully I’ll have a cover reveal for you very soon!

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